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Sunrise by HM is an engaging wellness hub, where you can truly find what feeds you. It’s where topical scientifically-based dietetic information infuses with cooking, travel, culture, storytelling and all things wholesome.



A platform for you to relate to the challenges encountered on your journey to cultivating a balanced healthy lifestyle. A space for you to gain the recipe needed to empower and motivate you to nourish yourself.



Join Sunrise and learn how to nourish your body and mind and soul through the foods you eat, the way you move, the language with which you talk to yourself, the implementation of mindfulness and the way with which you whet your mental and spiritual appetite.


Hilit Milner RD (SA)


A registered Clinical Dietitian and wellness enthusiast. She passionately spreads her scientifically-based dietetics knowledge and motivates a healthy balanced lifestyle through her love for food, mindfulness, travel and culture.

Here to support you on your journey to your sunrise…

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Let food be the music to your senses


Its the decisions that we make today that determine in which state of body, mind and soul we will watch tomorrows sunrise.


Come on a journey with me to discover what truly feeds you… Nourish yourself to the sunrise.


This soup is fantastic for both autumn and winter. The warmth of this thick soup, together with the sweet and fresh flavours, is a delicious treat on a cold night. I like it so much that I have even had this soup, chilled, on a hot summer’s day. With leeks, onion and garlic forming part of the allium family, they offer a great bioactive known...

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Last week I wrote a blog where I discussed the basics of intermittent fasting (IF). If you do a quick ‘Dr Google’ search on IF you will be inundated with information and it’s so hard to sieve out the facts from the fiction. The scientific evidence itself is also a tad confusing, as many of the studies done are either on animals or small subject...

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The latest buzz around people’s eating routines and one of the most popular health and fitness trends today is ‘intermittent fasting’ (IF). With this, though, basic questions about what IF is and whether it works also come up. “Why is it that just a few years ago we were told to eat regular meals and snacks for health and weight optimization and now we are...

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