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Tofu and Tomato & Mint Relish

Looking for easy vegetarian/vegan meal ideas? This meal literally took me 15 minutes to prepare and it was simply delicious. In my article, “To Soy or Not Soy”, we unpack the research with regards to soy products and clear up some of the confusion as to whether soy products increase the risk of breast cancer and other diseases or not. The short and the long of it

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Easy Tuna Patties

  This recipe is extremely easy and certainly is a hit with kids. All you have to do is grate a vegetable or two, add an egg, flour (or flour substitute), a few spices, tuna and pop them into the oven. It is also a great way to ensure your children get in some veggies as well as some oily fish. Tuna, is  wonderful source of omega-3 fatty

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Winter Stuffed Pumpkin

This is one of my favourite recipes so far! Firstly, it is truly a feast for the eyes, and it looks like a winter wonderland. Secondly, it is so versatile, and it can easily act as an accompaniment to other proteins, it can act as the main part in your winter feast by using mince or lentils. Lastly, it can easily be made for a special

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