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Beetroot and Quinoa Burgers

This recipe turned out so well. The earthiness of the beetroot together with my creamy basil and hazelnut pesto was absolutely delicious and light. I tell you, these beet quinoa burgers are such a great option for a meat-free meal, and they are loaded with nutritional benefits. Beets Beetroots are rich in fibre . They contain a good dose of manganese, potassium, folate, vitamin C and antioxidant promoting compounds...

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Chickpea , broccoli & spinach curry

So I have decided to jump on board and join the Meat Free Monday campaign, and I have to tell you, when Monday comes, I am salivating, as I know the flavours that are in stall for me. Regardless of what lifestyle you practice, the health benefits that the variety of vegetables, grains and plant-based proteins bring, as well as the positive impact this campaign...

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