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DNA and Your Diet- What’s The Fuss About?!

Are you a chronic dieter, constantly trying to lose weight yet never quite reaching your weight goal? How often do you go to the gym with a training partner, partake in the same exercises, but do not see the same results? Do you have a pharmacy in your bathroom cupboard, treating all your ailments, and have you ever spent the time unpacking the possible reasons as to...

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Is activated charcoal a real diamond or is it just rough?

What you need to know about activated charcoal   Whether it is drinking a pitch-black juice, sipping on a coaly chai, adding scoops of dark- powder to your smoothies, eating carbon-coloured confectioneries, or taking black pills in the morning; activated charcoal is trending. Activated charcoal is not only being used in industrial, chemical and agricultural applications but it is now also being found in face-masks, shampoos, toothpastes,...

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