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The Secrets to a Longer and Healthier Life- Lifestyle in The Blue Zones

Images courtesy: bluezone.com, healthytravelblog, Nearshore Americas,costaricavilla.com   Living into your 100’s may not seem so appealing, especially, where in most westernized countries today, this may mean living with numerous chronic diseases and high medical expenses. With 48% of deaths in South Africa resulting from non-communicable diseases, according to the WHO , maybe the question you should be asking yourself is “what is the secret to living a healthier

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Have you been lied to – Fads or fiction?

I love this post I found the other day. Now let there be no confusion; as my role as a clinical Dietitian I am most certainly not suggesting that the information in this resource is scientifically-based, nor am I suggesting that we should all become members of the Santa Clarita Diet cast and transform into human-flesh eating zombies by night.  I did, however, find it quite

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