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Citrus Chicken Recipe

As much as I am a summer kinda gal, I love the produce that every season has to offer. Oranges always seem like a boring bet when it comes to eating winter fruit, but there is so much you can do with citrus when it comes to cooking.

Citrus provides us with potassium, vitamin C and vitamin A. They contribute to the production of collagen as well as a reduction in oxidative stress.

The peels of the citrus fruits contain a bioactive ingredient called nobiletin which has strong anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties.

The onion and garlic provide us both with prebiotics, helping the balance of our gut microbiome, as well as the bioactive quercetin which also has a strong anti-oxidant effect.

Chicken is a fantastic source of lean protein and provides us not only with key amino acids but also B vitamins, iron and so much more

This dish can be popped in the oven while you busy at home and can even be frozen if you are doing meal preparation for the week.


4 chicken breast fillets (skinless)
4 chicken thighs (on the bone, skinless)
1 normal orange (Navel orange, zest, ½ sliced, ½ juiced)
1 red orange (Cara Cara Navel orange, ½ sliced, ½ juiced)
2 lemons (1 sliced, 1 juiced)
½ grapefruit (¼ sliced, ¼ juiced)
1 lime (zest)
2 naartjies/mandarins (1 sliced, 1 juiced)
½ yellow onion
3 cloves garlic
¾ cup white wine
¼ cup olive oil
1 box rosemary (20g)


1 Preheat the oven to 180o
2 Slice ½ a yellow onion and thinly slice 3 cloves of garlic, then add them to a large marinating dish.
3 To the citrus:
– Grate the rind of the lime and add it to the marinating dish.
Normal orange:
– Grate the rind of the orange and add it to the marinating dish.
– Cut the orange in half and juice one half into the marinating bowl.
– Slice the other half with the skin on into thin slices and set aside.
Cara Cara Orange:
– Cut the orange in half and juice one half into the marinating bowl.
– Slice the other half with the skin on into thin slices and set aside.
– Add the juice of one lemon to the marinating bowl.
– Slice the second lemon with the skin on into thin slices and set aside.
– Juice ¼ grapefruit into marinating bowl.
– Slice the other ¼ with the skin on into thin slices and set aside.
– Slice the one nartjie in half and juice both halves into the marinating bowl.
– Peel and finely slice across the second naartjie and set aside.

4 Add the white wine, olive oil, salt and pepper to the marinade.
5 Mix all the ingredients in the marinade together.
6 In a large ovenproof dish, layer half the citrus slices so that they cover the bottom of the dish.
7 Scatter half the rosemary on the citrus slices, followed by the chicken pieces.
8 Cover the chicken pieces with the other half of the rosemary stems and lay out the remaining citrus slices on top of the chicken pieces.
9 Pour over the citrus marinade and evenly spread the onion and garlic slices. You may not need to use all the marinade – pour enough liquid over to half cover the chicken.
10 Cover the dish with foil and cook for approximately 20 minutes.
11 Remove the dish from the oven after 20 minutes. Uncover it and then place it back in the oven and cook uncovered for a further 40 minutes.

Tip: It is optional to add the chicken pieces to the marinade and allow them to marinate for a few hours before cooking. If time is limited and you can’t, the dish will still be delicious.

Nourish yourself to the sunrise.

Cooked with love,
Sunrise by HM

Nourished yet? Comment on what I should write about next?

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