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Cooking Classes and Nutrition Workshops


Cooking Classes

What does this wealth of nutritional information mean if you are unable to translate it into the practical steps needed to change your lifestyle?  I often find that the struggle is not only with meal planning and preparation but also with how to be creative while incorporating all those healthy eating guidelines, particularly when it comes to special diets.  


It is important to understand what we are feeding ourselves and our families and why and still be inspired.

• Nutritional cooking classes are designed to stimulate your creativity and provide you with new recipes, the skills with which to prepare delicious meals with wholesome ingredients.

• You will broaden your dietetic (nutritional) knowledge, learning the health benefits of the relevant ingredients used as well as understanding the art of choosing, preparing and cooking ingredients that influence our genes in an optimal way (culinary genomics)

• Each class is intimate, interactive and has a new and exciting theme

• Groups can be created and topics can be customized according to your interests

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Nutrition Workshops

Maximise your and your family’s health and well-being by learning about a wide range of nutrition-related topics through dynamic, stimulating and interactive workshops. Remove confusion and get the answers to your dietetic-related questions in a reliable yet fun way.

It’s time to gather your friends and family and create your own personalized cooking class or nutrition workshop.

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