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Individual Dietary Consultations


Special Interests:

• Holistic health and nutrition (understanding every part of your health puzzle)

• Personalized preventative nutrition 

• Harnessing a healthy relationsip with body and food (emotional eating) 

• Genetic testing and Culinary Genomics (translating health onto your plate)

• Gastrointestinal disorders and gut health, including post-gastrointestinal surgery cases

• Autoimmune disorders and inflammation

• Strong clinical backgound managing chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiac, renal) 

• Weight loss (gentle approach for children / adolescents and adults)

• Women’s health including pregnancy, postpartum , PCOS 

• Introduction to solids 


Individual consultations work as follows:


Initial Consult (60minutes)

• A detailed assessment is performed. This includes your relevant measurements, medical history, family history, relevant blood results, lifestyle (including stress, sleep, mood) , eating habits and addressing an other personal concerns.

• This is then followed by personalized nutrition education where you will understand key concepts and the physiology underlying your condition or concerns and what the necessary changes are that you will need to make in order to reach your goals.

• Within the first few days of your consult, a second consultation is made where an individualized meal plan is provided to suite your needs.


Meal Plan Collection (40-45minutes) 

In this consulation, we will go through the top tips put together for you , as well as your personailzed meal plan. Recipes will be given and we will put together a few short term goals which can be worked on in the week to follow. In this session we also introduce the concept of including more specific, targeted ingredients and nutrients needed to optimize physiological processes in the body. 


Follow-up visits (20-30 minutes)

These consults ensure that your goals are met and you’re on your way to implement long-term lifestyle and dietary changes.

• Progress is monitored in terms of body, diet and the relevant aspects of your healthier lifestyle.

• These visits are a key component to your success in the implementation of your health goals. It is not only the monitoring that keeps you in check and motivated, but also the continuous support and new resources provided that help you to overcome any barriers you may face along the way.

• Depending on your personal goals and needs, we always include relevant nutrition education so that the conversation you start about your health broadens and you develope the tools needed for long-term nourishment.

• Topics and tools include understanding how your body works on a cellular level;  understanding different food groups, bioactive compounds , nutrients and dietary requirements; the importance of sleep; mindful eating practices and trying to understand emotional eating habits; understanding food labels and ingredients used in commercial food products; how to prepare food so that it optimizes it’s nutritional potential and a whole lot more.