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Zaatar Tofu and Green Tahina

I love Middle Eastern flavors and if you do too, this recipe will be a winner.

The important thing when buying tofu is to look for a good quality one. By this I mean, one that is not processed and not genetically modified (non-GMO). You also want to try find one that is organic. When we look at the research of soy and tofu, with regards to breast cancer, these few things are very important.

Tofu is a great vegetarian source of protein and together with the tahina, makes an extremely yummy meal.

Tahina, made from ground sesame seeds, is a super source of healthy fats as well as fiber, magnesium and vitamin E. I love combining my tahina with fresh greens to give it a different flavor and to add more nutritional benefit. Coriander is very high in polyphenols which act as potent antioxidant producing agents in the body.

Zaatar is a wonderful versatile spice, that I add to many of my dishes. Let us not forget how herbs and spices are concentrated forms of nutritional supplements and offer great anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory powers.

For my vegetables I sauté some tomatoes – activating their anti-oxidant bioactive compound lycopene. I also add some asparagus – which is a great source of prebiotic fibre , as well as tender stem broccoli which as we all know by now contains sulforaphane which helps to switch on both anti-oxidant and detoxification pathways in the body.


(serves 4 people)


Green Tahina
1 small box coriander (30g)

½ small box Italian flat leaf parsley (15g)
4 tablespoons tahini paste
⅓ cup water
3 tablespoons lemon juice
Garlic salt

Tofu and vegetables
400g tofu

1 packet tender stem broccoli (200g)
1 packet asparagus spears (170g)
2 handfuls bella tomatoes (100g)
2 tablespoons avocado oil
2 tablespoons lemon juice
2 tablespoons zaatar
Olive oil




Green Tahina

(see blog for green tahina)


Tofu and vegetables

1 Preheat the oven to 180 degrees Celsius and line a baking tray with baking paper.

2 Remove the tofu from its package. Cut it lengthways into 4 thin steaks, and then again diagonally into triangles.

3 Put the tofu onto paper towel and let the liquid drain off the tofu for at least 10 minutes; patting it with another piece of paper towel on top.

4 Place the zaatar on a flat plate and gently coat the tofu pieces with the zaatar so that the pieces are al evenly covered.

5 Place the zaatar coated tofu triangles onto a baking tray and bake for 25-30 minutes; turning them over halfway through.

6 Heat a medium non-stick pan on the stove. Once the pan is hot, add the olive oil followed by the tomatoes. Leave them to sauté for 3 minutes and then add the tender stem broccoli and asparagus for a further 4 minutes (you want your greens to still be crunchy).

7 On a plate, drizzle or paint (using an egg brush) some tahina on the side. Arrange the vegetables on top of the bed of tahina and place your zaatar tofu triangles on the side.

Tip: You can add pine nuts for extra crunch

Nourish yourself to the sunrise.

Cooked with love,
Sunrise by HM

Nourished yet? Comment on what I should write about next? 

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